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3003 blue and red painted aluminum coil used for roofing

April 9, 2021

3003 painted aluminum coil is a regular aluminium roll used in outdoors like roofing. 3003 aluminum coil is an Al-Mn alloy, containing 1.0-1.5% manganese. It has two common tempers as a roofing material: h24 and h26. H24 refers to the coil is partially annealed to 50% hardness after work hardening, and H26 partially annealed to 75% hardness after work hardening. The tensile capacity of 3003 aluminum is generally around 160-170mpa in the H24 state. 3003 h24 and h26 coil has medium strength, good corrosion resistance and machining ability.

Blue and red are two most adopted colors of 3003 painted aluminum coil suppliers, for they are the most popular color in roofing. Bright and attractive, they add vigor to a house. Due to the broad nature of blue and red, they have a sensible and accurate image. In commercial design, products or corporate images that emphasize technology and efficiency are mostly used as the common color, technology color, such as computers, automobiles, photocopiers, and photographic equipment. In roofing, blue and red indicates a symbol of life and vitality, making a house beautiful and cozy even in cold winter. The aluminium roofing withstands low temperatures and cold snows without deformation and color peeling.

Generally 3003 aluminium roofing coil lasts 10 to 30 years. PE coated rolls lasts 10 years and more, and PVDF ones three decades under ordinary application conditions. The coil can be painted on one side or both sides, according to per customer’s demand. In addition to 3003, 3004 painted aluminum coil is a regular roofing material, too. The specification is similar to that of 3003, but its hardness and corrosion resistance are higher.

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