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1060 Aluminum Strip for Transformer Winding

January 21, 2019

1060 aluminum strip for transformer winding is among the most popular type of aluminum strip in the market. It belongs to the group of thin aluminium strips, usually between 0.18mm and 1.8mm thick. Its temper is habitually O state, for the strip must be soft enough to be wound freely as the transformer winding. Regular width for the strip ranges from 20mm to 1400mm. In addition to 1060, 1050 and 1070 also serves as raw materials for transformer winding, but 1060 proves to be the best.

1060 aluminum strip for transformer winding

1060 aluminum strip is also known as a kind of pure aluminum product, obtained by mechanical rolling and slitting of aluminum ingots. It has an aluminum content of 99.6% and more. As a regular semi-processed aluminum product, it’s featured by singular production process, mature fabricating technology and advantageous price in the industry. Good tensile strength and elongation rate enable it to meet requirements of common processing methods like casting and stretching. Its heat and electricity conductivity is only second to that of copper, which, however, costs much more. As a result, 1060 aluminum strip becomes the most frequently applied winding material for high and low pressure winding groups of dry transformers.

In application as transformer winding, 1060 aluminum strip has the advantages of small volume, light weight, good insulation performance, satisfying flame retardancy, no pollution, low partial discharge, excellent moisture resistance, stable and reliable operation, low noise and small maintenance cost. This greatly enlarges service scope of dry transformers that are now observed in high-rise buildings, metro stations, underground shopping malls, commercial centers, residential areas, hotels, restaurants, coastal wet areas and so on. 1060 aluminum strip for transformer winding is also among our top products. Welcome to send inquires by any contact ways at the bottom of the page!

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