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1060 aluminum coil suppliers

July 14, 2020

1060 aluminum coil, among the most frequently applied 1000 series aluminium product, boasts mature process, good elongation and satisfying tensile strength. Suppliers usually offer states of F, O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H22, H24, H26 and H28, width from 0.2mm to 8mm and length 100mm to 2650mm. Haomei is able to supply 1060 aluminum coil for the soft connection units of power batteries of only 15mm wide.

1060 aluminium coil suppliers

Among leading 1060 aluminum coil suppliers in Henan, China, Haomei boasts top quality and competitive price. Our 1060 aluminium coil roll is featured by flat surface, high cleanness degree and excellent tensile strength, fully meeting regular processing requirements of punching, deep drawing and stretching. The coil finds its applications in pipe insulation, power battery soft connection, aluminum plastic panels, lamps, lables, led lights, PS plates, CTP plates, wall cladding etc.

Feedback from clients show that our 1060-O aluminium coil has excellent performances as a power battery soft connection material. A single piece of aluminum foil can be blanked at one time. It has good fusion, no burrs, smooth surface, no oxidation, no delamination and firm welding connection during loose welding. In addition, it has good electric conductivity and fast heat dissipation. The new development trend of electric automobile provides a great opportunity for 1060 aluminium coil suppliers around the world. As a insulation material our 1060 aluminium coil is usually of 0.2mm to 0.75mm thick, lasting 20 years in natural applicatino conditions.

In addition to mill finish 1060 coils, we also supply mirror finish, embossed, anodzied and color coated 1060 rolls. Welcome to contact us!

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