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1050 1060 1100 aluminum alloy of aluminum circles

April 7, 2020

1050 1060 1100 aluminum alloy of aluminum circles are of tempers, O, H12, H14 and H16. From 0.55mm to 5.5mm thick, these pure aluminum circles can be either cold rolled or hot rolled. Both hot treated and non-heat treated alloy can be used for aluminum circle production. As regular members of 1xxx aluminum circles, 1050, 1060 and 1100 share characteristics of good forming ability and stable properties, suitable for sanding, blasting, extruding, deep drawing and spinning. The range offered by us are in compliance with international quality standards, made into common cookware, lamp parts, traffic signs, wall cladding boards, ceiling panels and so on.

1050 1060 1100 aluminum alloy of aluminum circles

1xxx aluminium circle sheet products wins more popularity than either 3xxx or 5xxx series. They are the weakest in both hardness and corrosion resistance, but they win in lower prices, which helps to reduce the production cost substantially of cookware manufactures in regions where people care more about price than about service life and quality of cookware. A ton of 1050 1060 1100 aluminum alloy of aluminum circles could be hundreds of dollars cheaper than circles of the other two series. In addition, aluminum cookware lasts longer than iron kitchenware of similar prices, for aluminium circle discs never get rusty. In case of requirements of circles of higher standards, 1xxx aluminium fills the blank, too. After being anodized or coated, 1xxx circles become stronger and durable as expected. Haomei, equipped with large plate shears, round shears, straighteners, annealing furnaces, punching and shearing lines and other processing equipment, is able to supply all the kinds of aluminum circles mentioned above. Welcome to contact us for more information.

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