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Textured embossed aluminum sheet application

February 3, 2021

A textured embossed aluminum sheet has the dual functions of anti-skid and decoration, but its main function is anti-skid. Its surface pattern is formed on the basis of smooth aluminum plate by pressing and calendering with embossing machine. The deeper are these concave and convex patterns, the more wear-resistant the sheet is, and the uses are different, too. Generally speaking, the aluminum plate used for trampling is made into patterns of big meridians, such as five ribs, three ribs and one rib. Among them, five bars are divided into big five bars and small five bars, and the former has more powerful anti-skid effect. The pattern of a decorative textured aluminium sheet can be simple insect pattern or orange peel pattern. In addition, decorative embossed aluminum sheets are made into aluminum coils and boxes for packaging, such as cosmetics boxes, jewelry boxes, food boxes, tool boxes, etc.

textured embossed aluminum sheet

In addition to their patterns, there are also their own materials that determine the use of textured embossed aluminum sheets. They are mainly brand and series, including 1 series, 3 series, 5 series and 6 series. All series can be used for anti-skid, but the service lives are different. The 1 series is the least resistant to corrosion, and the 5 series is much better. The strength of strain 1 is the lowest and that of strain 6 is the highest. Therefore, the textured aluminum sheet used in the bus is different from that used in the bathroom. Aluminum plates used in bathrooms must be more corrosion resistant. For the patterned aluminum plate used in cold storage and ship bilge, the 1060 of series 1 can be used, with a thickness of about 3mm, because this series of aluminum plates do not need to be suspended or bear weight. But for the need in suspension or high corrosion, you must choose high thickness, high hardness of anti-skid aluminum plate, including 5052, 5754, 6061, etc., which boast excellent corrosion resistance and load-bearing capacity.

The use of the textured embossed aluminium sheet is becoming wider and wider, which can be reflected by the marketing data of Haomei. Last year, the sales volume of textured embossed aluminium sheets increased by 30%. As the iron pattern plate is easy to rust, more and more users turn to purchase bright aluminum textured plates and embossed aluminum coil rolls, which is particularly obvious in the shipbuilding and machinery fields.

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