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rose gold aluminum mirror sheet

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aluminum mirror sheets of different colors

Color series for mirror aluminum sheets

Aluminium mirror sheet is a general term for reflective sheets or coils made of aluminium. Classified by reflectivity degree, mirror aluminum sheets falls on three types: 800 standard sheet, 850 superior sheet and 890 super sheet. Some of the sheets are polished, while some are anodized. There are two color series for the sheets: natural color and metal color. The …

rose gold aluminum mirror sheet

Rose gold aluminum mirror sheet application

A rose gold aluminum mirror sheet is a type of metal sheet with specialized material, surface treatment method, color and even application. Although the history of applying aluminium alloy products in industrial production is long, the sheet we are talking about is actually a new kind, with only decades of history. It can be made of 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx …

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