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red anodized aluminum sheet

Red anodized aluminum sheet for auto parts

Auto parts are becoming lighter and lighter with global trend of pursuing weight reduction for cars, which enhances the application of red anodized aluminum sheets, blue alu sheets, brushed alu sheets and other types of alu products in car making. In particular, a red anodized alu sheet is made into bonnets, trunk lids, door panels and interior decorative panels of …

blue white red anodized aluminum sheets

Colored anodized aluminum sheets for sale

Haomei has blue, white and red colored anodized aluminum sheets for sale. The colors are obtained by a specialized color coating process. There are three methods for this. 1) Adsorption coloring, that is, dyeing with organic or inorganic dyes. 2) Electrolytic coloring, that is, electrolysis is performed after anodizing and before sealing, so that the film produces different colors. 3) …

5052 anodized aluminum plate

5052 anodized aluminum plate

The 5052 anodized aluminum plate is a widely used aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum plate, featured by high strength, high hardness, good corrosion resistance and welding performance, and particularly good fatigue resistance. The Mg content of the plate is 2.2-2.8. The tensile strength of the mechanical properties is 170-305MPa, and the elongation is 9-22%. It has a wide range of applications and …

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Red anodized aluminum sheet

The red anodized aluminum sheet has a thin layer of aluminum oxide on the surface, and the thickness thereof is 5 to 20 μm, and the hard anodized film is 60 to 200 μm. The anodized aluminum plate has excellent wear resistance (up to 2320K) , good heat resistance, excellent insulation, and high breakdown voltage (2000V). The oxide film has …

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