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black aluminum coil

Black aluminum coil 1100 3003 3004 4105 5005 5052

Black aluminum coil is a color coated aluminum coil from 0.25mm to 4.0mm thick, used in building, decoration, electronic products, home appliances, traffic equipment, automobile, furniture etc. Haomei supplies black aluminium coil of specifications as below. Alloy: AL1100, AL3003, AL3004, AL3105, AL5005, AL5052 Coating: fluorocarbon coating, polyester coating Thickness: 0.25mm-4.00mm Processing width: color coated aluminum coil 150mm-1500mm; color coated aluminum …

black aluminum coil

Black aluminum coil advantages and application

A black aluminum coil is a kind of coated aluminium coil stocks processed by color coating or anodizing methods. A coated aluminium coil has PE or PVDF coating on the surface, obtained by sending mill finish aluminum coil stocks into painting rollers, and an anodized aluminum roll has a film layer. The thin layer of the oxide film has a …

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