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aluminum coil sheet

Brief Introduction to Application of 3xxx Aluminum Coil Sheet

3xxx aluminum coil sheet, also referred to as aluminum manganese alloy, belongs to one of the most widely applied family — anti-rust aluminum coil sheet. It’s of higher strength than industrial pure aluminum alloy. Although its properties can not be strengthened by heat treatment, it performs excellent plasticity after cold treatment and O state. Owing to its satisfying corrosion resistance …

aluminum coil sheet

Aluminum Coil Sheet VS Stainless Steel

As known to all, compared to other metals, including steel, aluminum coil sheet boasts many competitive advantages and is more and more widely applied in many industries. However strong its development is, aluminum coil sheet has little chance to replace stainless steel. Today let’s make a comparison for the top two widely used metals. First, stainless steel if of stronger …

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