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aluminum disc and aluminum circle

Aluminum circle and aluminum discs stamping blanks

Aluminum circle and aluminum discs stamping blanks cover 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx aluminium sheets and coil rolls. Blanks for discs of 8mm and below can be of coil type, yet those above 8mm must be of sheet type, since 8mm is the maximum thickness of aluminium coil at present. Production lines for the two differ from each other, too. A …

aluminum circle blanks

Aluminum Circle Blanks Used for Pots

Aluminum circle blanks can be processed into many types of items, including pots, kettles, basins and lighting covers etc. It’s worth mentioning that aluminum circle blanks are usually welded or processed together with other materials in modern production of aluminum products, while in the past they were normally pressed into an integrated item directly. Take pots for example. A decade …

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