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Slitting of thin aluminium strips

In slitting of thin aluminium strips(thickness of 0.2-0.3mm), higher requirements are posed, for the edge defects of the aluminum strip are easily excluded in the slitting process. A ruffled edge refers to a narrow wave of lotus leaf shape on the strip edges formed during slitting owing to inappropriate contacts among the blade, the rubber ring and the flattening roller. …

6061 aluminium metal strips used for lamp base

Why are 6061 aluminium metal strips used for lamp base

6061 aluminium metal strips are a regular material for lamp bases and heads. Nowadays, solar led street lights have become the main force in the construction of new rural areas. Solar led street lights are composed of lamp holders, lamp posts, controllers, battery boards, batteries and other components. Among them, street lamp heads are the key part of street lighting, …

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