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Rolls of hydrophilic aluminium fin stock

What is hydrophilic aluminium fin stock

A hydrophilic aluminium fin stock is a special aluminium foil for air conditioning systems. It is made of mill finish aluminium foil by a hydrophilic treatment method. Alloys for the raw material foil include 8011, 1100 and 3102. After a raw aluminum foil roll is degreasing, washed, and dried, it is coated with special coatings on its two surfaces, and …

blue aluminium fin stock

Aluminum foil for fin stock

Aluminium fin stock is usually made of alloy 8011, 1100 or 3102. Haomei supplies bare and hydrophilic aluminum fin stock of blue, gold or black color. Aluminum is used to make heat conducting fin sheet of air conditioner heat exchanger because of its low density, good thermal conductivity, easy processing, tasteless, environmental protection and low price. Specifications of aluminum foil …

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