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2024 t3 aluminum coil

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2024 t3 aluminum coil vs 7005 aluminum coil

2024 t3 aluminum coil vs 7005 aluminum coil

7005 and 2024 t3 aluminum coil rolls are two representative of the hardest aluminium products. Their differences lie in chemical composition, mechanical properties and application. Chemical Composition 7005: Si:≤0.35 Fe:≤0.40 Cu:≤0.10 Mn:0.20~0.7 Mg:1.0~1.8 Cr:0.06~0.20 Zn:4.0~5.0 Zr:0.08~0.20 Ti:0.01~0.06 Al: rest 2024: Si: 0.5% Fe: 0.5% Copper: 3.8-4.9 Mn: 0.3-0.9 Mg: 1.2-1.8 Cr: 0.10 Zn: 0.25 Ti: 0.15 Other: 0.15 Al: rest …

2024 aluminum plate

2024 t3 aluminum sheet coil

Technical Parameters Aluminum sheet 2024 is made of an aluminum-copper alloy with high strength-to-weight ratio, used for truck and aircraft wheels, aircraft fusilage components, truck suspension parts and so on. 2024 alloy does have limited weldability, and it is less corrosion resistant than other alloys. 2024 aluminum plate is a typical hard aluminum alloy in the Al-Cu-Mg system, feature by …

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