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1070 Aluminum Coil

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1070 aluminum strip coil

1070 aluminum strip coil price in China

In comparison to prices of other aluminium products, 1070 aluminum strip coil price is not high in China, ranging between $2000 to $2300 per metric ton. As a pure industrial aluminum product, 1070 aluminum coil has the characteristics of high plasticity, strong corrosion resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity, but low strength. Its poor in cutting property and satisfying in …

1070 Aluminum Coil

1070 Aluminum Coil

Alloy and name 1070 aluminum coil/roll Temper O/H111 H112 H12/H22/H32 H14/H24/H34 H16/ H26/H36 H18/H28/H38 H114/H194, etc. Specification Thickness≤30mm; Width≤2600mm; Length≤16000mm OR Coil (C) Application Lid Stock, Industrial Device, Storage, All Kinds of Containers, etc. Feature Lid Shigh conductivity, good corrosion resistant performance, high latent heat of melting, high-reflectance, well welding property, low strength, and notsuitable for heat treatments. Advantages 1, High strength and good cutting performance; 2, High conductivity and thermal conductivity, good plasticity, easy to withstand a variety of pressure processing and bending, extension; 3, Candle performance and welding performance is better, can be gas welding, hydrogen welding and resistance welding; …

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