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Painted Aluminum Coil For Sale

January 9, 2023

Painted aluminum coil for sale have surface coloring treatment, because the performance of aluminum alloy aluminum plate is very stable, not easy to corrode, the general surface can guarantee at least 10 years without fading. Color coated aluminum coil has the advantages of aluminum coil and organic material, not only has the advantages of high mechanical strength, good toughness, easy processing and forming of aluminum coil, but also has good coloring, decoration, corrosion resistance, easy cutting, bending, deep drawing, welding processing, The painted aluminum coil product is practical, easy to process and durable. Specifications: Thickness: 0.2 – 1.5mm Width: 500 – 2000mm.

painted aluminum coil for sale

Haomei Aluminum painted aluminum coil for sale is an excellent brand in the color coated aluminum industry, it has the following characteristics:

1, Production equipment: It is imported current international leading production line of continuous multi-coating and multi-baking from pre-treatment. The painted aluminum coil produced by it are stable and reliable in quality. It is an advanced representative of domestic aluminum plate coating equipment.

2, Technological level: Since 1996, it has been the earliest domestic enterprise to use roller coating to coat aluminum coil. It has accumulated rich experience in actual production for a long time, and has mastered the international advanced coating technology.

3, Raw material: From the pre-treatment to the production of the final product, all use famous brand raw and auxiliary materials with good international reputation and stable quality. For example, the aluminum coil adopts famous Aluminum, Henkel and Chemetall in Germany are used as pre-treatment agents; resins produced by PPG in the United States are used as coatings, and the fluorocarbon content is greater than 70%. Fluorocarbon coatings: Polyester coatings are from Beko, Sweden.

4, Product quality: Due to the use of advanced equipment, high-quality raw and auxiliary materials and advanced production technology, the quality of the painted aluminum coil for sale is stable and reliable, and it is a famous brand product in the color coated aluminum coil industry. At present, the main products of Haomei color coated aluminum coil include: ordinary fluorocarbon and polyester coated aluminum coil, paint-peelable coated aluminum coil, nano-scale anti-dirty self-cleaning coated aluminum coil, coated embossed aluminum coil, etc. It is widely used in high -grade aluminum composite panel products for exterior walls, ceiling panels, new roofs, walls and honeycomb panel products.

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