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Packing of aluminum circle plate

March 9, 2020

Aluminum plate circle pieces are usually packed in a tic-tac-toe frame in accordance with delivery and storage requirements. The frame is generally made of four wood beams with two on the upper and the other two at the bottom. The distance between the bottom beams and the ground is up to operation requirements of the fort lift trucks being used to remove the packed plates. Above the two upper beams a wood circle of the same diameter with packed circle sheets are fixed by screws whose end must not reveal over the wood circle surface, otherwise the aluminum wafers might be scratched or damaged.

Aluminum plate circle

Superior aluminum alloy circle plates are fabricated by a set of fully automatic machines from roll feeding to punch forming. The advantages of aluminum disc circles produced in this way lie in precise size and well maintained surface. In comparison with copper and steel circles, aluminum circles have medium strength and can be bent more easily. Further continuous punching of high speed can turn them into end products like cans, pots, containers, basins and tubes etc. This greatly shortens production cycles and reduces cost.

Aluminum circle plates perfect meets environmental and fire-proof requirements. Good discs contain no chemicals on the surface, neither giving off nor taking in toxic materials. They do not catch fire even at a temperature of 600 degrees. While being used indoors, their end products have excellent performance in corrosion resistance and color maintaining. Most aluminum circles have been anodized and are therefore featured by good hardness, clean surface and luxurious metal color. Paintings can be coated onto the surface to realized various design styles of end products.

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