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New order for mirror polished aluminium sheet

May 19, 2021

Last week Haomei received a new order for mirror polished aluminium sheet from Tunisia. The client is a solar reflector manufacturer. He asked for the 1060 mirror aluminium sheet of 86% reflectivity. The thickness is 0.25mm and width 1200mm.

mirror polished aluminium sheet

At the very beginning, the client simply sent an ordinary inquiry. After learning about his application, we recommend several specifications. He was very surprised at our response speed and professionalism, and the communication got more efficient. He agreed on a specification and we sent a sample piece, which he was satisfied and we talked about the price. At last he decided to place a 3-ton order first, for he still needs to check the quality of our mirror polished aluminium sheets and our credit. This is understandable for a respectable client.

Three weeks later he will receive our products, and we are sure that the cooperation will continue, as that with many other clients.

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