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Mirror finish aluminum coil for solar concentrator

July 12, 2021

Mirror finish aluminum coils are widely used in solar concentrators, mainly made into the aluminum frame of solar collectors. Alloys for the coil include 1050,1060 and 1070. With the improvement of aluminum frame packaging technology and the improvement of the manufacturing precision of automated equipment, the thickness of the coil can be only 0.12mm to 2.0mm thick. These coils, of O, H14, H24, H16 or H26 temper, are now made into aluminum frame heat collectors in the shape of flat-panel TVs.

A mirror finish aluminum coil for solar concentrator

Haomei produces mirror finish aluminum coil for solar concentrator of 20mm to 1300mm wide, and the reflectivity usually ranges from 80% to 86%. Our mirror aluminum coil caters for the further process of solar concentrators at the very beginning of the manufacturing part. The design mechanism of the aluminum frame of solar collectors has an open cavity, a single cavity, and a double cavity. According to the material and thickness of the back plate (embossed aluminum plate, galvanized plate and color plate), the back plate varies in pressing groove shape, the occlusal teeth in the groove and the roots of the teeth. This leads to variation in requirements of mirror aluminium coil quality and strength, the thickness of each structural edge part as well as the production process and drawing accuracy of the profile manufacturer. As a result, mirror finish aluminum coils for solar concentrators must be neatly and correctly designed to avoid problems such as enlarged four-corner seams, deformation of the aluminum profile during pressing, deformation of the back plate, lax pressing, deformation of the bottom edge of the aluminum back plate, and unsatisfactory hydraulic riveting angles and assembly angles. Haomei products can fully meet these requirements.

Haomei mirror finish aluminum coil for solar concentrator is accurate in composition, durable in mirror surface and long in service life. In addition to 1050, 1060 and 1070 alloys, we also supply anodized 1085 and 1095 aluminum for solar concentrators. Welcome to ask for a price!

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