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Large Aluminum Sheet Metal

April 23, 2023

The large aluminum sheet metal is a signal of aluminum sheet manufacturer’s production ability and shows the strength of processing equipment. Many friends are not very clear about the definition of large aluminum plate, in fact, for the definition in principle, more than 1800mm width of aluminum sheet can be called large aluminum sheet metal. We will come together today to explain a series of questions about the large aluminum sheet, I hope it can help you!


We usually call the aluminum sheet more than 1800mm wide is the aluminum sheet super wide is also large aluminum sheet. The vast majority of the total width of the aluminum sheet is not more than 1500mm, but in the market trend there are many positions must be ultra-wide aluminum sheet. Haomei Aluminum is a company that produces and manufactures large aluminum sheet metal, and can give super wide aluminum sheet within 2800mm. We warmly welcome our foreign customers to call us to inquire about super wide aluminum sheet.

large aluminum sheet metal

However, there are many friends who think it is generally 2 meters, beyond 2 meters belongs to the extra wide. Because of the CNC machining center machine equipment general manufactured product model specifications cabinet countertop total width of 2 meters larger. If the raw material is extra wide, machinery and equipment should be customized cabinet countertops, but the cost will be very high. Thus, the aluminum sheet manufacturers who can produce large aluminum sheet metal is not many, so we can see it as a signal of production strength.


The widest size of aluminum plate is currently 2850 width for our widest aluminum sheet extra wide size. And the common aluminum sheet total width of 900mm-1500mm, super wide aluminum sheet specifications engineering cost cost fee will be enhanced, generally proposed total width all within 1500mm, or patchwork way. Different aluminum sheet specifications price is different, naturally in the aluminum sheet processing factory is able to customize the size of aluminum sheet specifications, and the more common specifications each for 900 * 1200mm, 1000mm * 2400mm, 1100mm * 2880mm, 1240mm * 3800mm, etc.


The national standard total width of aluminum sheet is 1000mm, 1220mm, 1250mm, we usually define the total width of 1500mm or more aluminum sheet as super wide aluminum sheet, Haomei Aluminum has our fourth West Mark 2800mm six-roller cold rolling, production and manufacturing of hot rolled aluminum sheet, thin 0.8mm, the total width of manufactured products up to 2650mm, is a rare few in China can produce and manufacture large aluminum sheet metal by fourth West Mark 2800mm six-roller cold rolling.

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