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  • Inkjet CTP Plate

    CTP Plates

    Color: violet,light blue or green

    Thickness: 0.15mm-0.40mm

    Spectral sensitivity: 830nm

    Developing temperature: 24°C-26°C

    Inkjet CTP plate is a special printing plate for thermal CTP plate setter. Controlled by computer, it is directly scanned by a 830nm laser and after suitably processed, placed on press for printing. Inkjet CTP plate frees people from conventional printing films and related film making procedures. It shortens time for making plate and minimizes mistake chance by guaranteeing image exact reproduction.

    • Specifications
    • Manufacturing Process
    • Advantages
    Features of Inkjet CTP Plates
    Performance Excellent dot reproduction, stable performance,

    big latitude

    Run length Unbaked: 100,000 impressions;

    Baked: 150,000 impressions

    Cost reduction High-speed plate, good ink-water balance,

    quick inking,

    high usage rate of  printing ink.

    Suitability Compatible with mainstream thermal platesetter and plate processor, super  adaptability
    Cost-effective higher
    Technical Parameters of Inkjet CTP Plates
    Spectral sensitivity 830nm
    Laser energy required 130~150mJ/cm2
    Resolution 1%-99% @200lpi.Suitable for FM screen
    UV ink adaptability Plates need to be baked
    Baked plate

    of conditions

    230°C-250°C, 5-8minutes (Special gum should be used with baked plate )
    Safelight 2 hours under the fluorescent light and white light.

    12 hours under the yellow light.

    Transport and storage Keep Inkjet ctp plates flat in packaging,

    Temperature should be between 5 °C and 30 °C (10-26°C best) and humidity below 55% (40-70% best).

    Maxim stacking height 1.2m
    Shelf life 12 months
    Developing temperature 24°C-26°C
    Developing time 20s-30s
    Dynamically added 130ml/m2
    Static added 110ml/hour
    Brush rotated speed 90-100rpm
    The quantity

    of plate flushing

    1800 m2-2500m2
    Matters Need Attention for Inkjet CTP Plates
    1. Inkjet ctp plates get scratched more easily than traditional ps plates, and therefore should be handled gently with care to avoid striking, folding or falling.

    2. Inkjet ctp plates should be unpacked in yellow light or room light; the recommended plate-making room light is also yellow. Correct parameters must be set, developer should be replaced in time.

    Inkjet CTP Plate, CTP Plate

    Inkjet CTP Plate, CTP PlateInkjet CTP Plate, CTP PlateInkjet CTP Plate, CTP Plate

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