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How to Maintain Color Coated Aluminum Coil

February 22, 2019

The color coated aluminum is a composite material containing both aluminium and mechanics, which endows it with excellent dyeing property and corrosion resistance of mechanism as well as light wight, easy processing and high strength of aluminium. In particular, well-treated pvdf color coated aluminum coil lasts as long as 30 years. These advantages make colour coated aluminium coil the top raw material in many areas. However, aluminium trim coil products need regular maintenance to extend their service life.

pvdf color coated aluminum coil

The most important maintenance tip is to have products made of colour coated aluminium coil kept in conditions of regular temperatures. Experiments show that the surface of an aluminium trim coil exasperates moisture more quickly at the temperature of 40 centigrade degrees and above. This will cause damage to the surface of coated aluminium products. Besides, periodical cleaning proves to be very crucial. If you have not cleaned a color coated aluminium product for a long time, you should wash its surface with a great amount of water. Then wipe off stains stuck onto the surface with a soft piece of cloth wet with solution of water and a standard cleaning agent. Flush the surface again. Repeat the steps for several times until the whole surface becomes clean.

Color coated aluminium coil and sheet combines advantages of mechanic composites and aluminium rolls, reaching a high usage standard in anti-slip property, outlook and practice, and thus is applied in various industries such as ceiling, roofing, cladding, advertising and so on. Effective maintenance guarantees long service life of its end products.

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