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How to Improve Heat Treatment Process for Aluminium Circle 1050

March 19, 2019

Aluminium circle 1050 is widely used as a raw material for cookware, lighting and battery covers. In spite of its extensive application scope, the aluminum metal disk is confronted with various process problems. This article discusses about improvement methods of heat treatment process for aluminium circle 1050.

aluminium circle 1050

The improvement of heat treatment process mainly contributes to decreasing the earring rate of aluminum metal disks. Among leading aluminum disc suppliers, we have made a series of tests. After adopting modern observing and studying media like an optical metallographic microscope or a mechanical property test instrument, we have straightened out the change rule of microscopic structures and mechanical properties of the circle at differed temperatures and temper states, and finally obtained the most suitable heat treatment process with practical parameters for batch productions. The experiment results are as below. First, it’s recommendable to produce aluminium circle 1050 for battery covers directly by cast rolling without the mediate annealing process. Second, excellent aluminum disc circles for battery shells should be featured by uniform composition, fine particles and tiny sleek scattered second-phase particles, with a tensile strength from 75 to 90Mpa, elongation over 25% and earring rate less than 5%. Third, annealing proves to be the most crucial process for battery shell aluminium discs circles. Experiments show that the best annealing process for 1050 is to anneal one hour at 420 degree centigrade and then another hour at 360 degree centigrade. In comparison to regular heat treatment methods, this process helps aluminium circle 1050 to reach the ideal structural state of tiny sleek second phase particles and better integrated properties than common methods. With a tensile strength ranging from 80 to 86Mpa, elongation from 28% to 38% and earring rate 3.4%, aluminium circle 1050 is more adaptable to the deep drawing process.

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