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How do Haomei guarantee quality of its round aluminum discs

December 3, 2019

Also known as aluminium round discs, round aluminum circles are fully braked from feeding to stamping. The coils are produced into aluminum discs in one step, so the circles made by this process are not scratched and the size is very accurate. It is mainly used in the industries of automobiles and boats, refrigerators, cookers, lamps and so on. Boasting good surface quality, high elongation and little color difference in anodizing, round aluminum circles can also be used for deep drawing or stretching to make different products, and their market prospect is very broad.

round aluminum circles

We inspected the products and managing methods of top aluminum wafer brands, and have developed our own way for quality control.

1. Attract talents and make strict requirements. We found that top aluminum circle manufacturers are armed with high-quality technical experts in each position involved in the research and development of production materials. In addition to their technical capabilities, these practitioners are known for their professional literacy and personality quality, which is also the key to the long-term competitiveness of an aluminum circle sheet brand.

2. We established a rigorous quality inspection index management system in the production process, so we can also see that each stage of the production workshop of stamped aluminum wafers is well-organized, and it is for this reason that all the parameters of each material of its process fully meet the requirements.

3. We have been building a harmonious communication system with our clients. The purpose of doing this is to grasp the experience feedback and relevant suggestions from the user market. It is considered to be very worthwhile to optimize and upgrade the quality of products based on this basis.

To sum up, several methods have been used to ensure the quality of our round aluminum circles. Professionally qualified personnel in each post and rigorous quality inspection guarantees the basic quality of our products, and harmonious communication system with clients help us to scientifically optimize and upgrade product quality. Haomei supplies aluminium circle for cookware, lamps and cans. Welcome to contact us for more information!

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