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Cold rolling 1.5mm thick aluminum circles 1050

March 22, 2021

Cold rolling 1.5mm thick aluminum circles 1050 are a common type of semi-processed products applied to cookware, lighting, aluminum containers, satellite antenna pots, road signs etc. Made of hot rolled aluminum 1050 pieces which are further rolled into thinner coils, cold rolling aluminum circles are featured by high hardness, good tensile strength and fine structure. 1050 aluminum alloy ranks among the top group in ordinary aluminium alloys. It’s made up of 99.5% aluminum and 0.5% other metal elements.

cold rolling 1.5mm thick aluminum circles 1050

The hardness of 1050 aluminum circle is not high in comparison with that of 3xxx and 5xxx series, for it contains more aluminum. Its tensile strength, in contrast, proves to be much better. As a result, it performs quite well in deep drawing and spinning, the most regular processing methods for aluminum circles. Most aluminium circles 1050 are between 0.6mm and 5mm thick, and 1.1mm is one the most popular thickness in the cookware and lampshade making industries. Good aluminum circle suppliers are able to take particle sizes and tensile strength under control. That helps to spare finished circles from brushing marks, ears and high ear rate in deep processing steps.

In addition to the characteristics above, Haomei ccold rolling 1.5mm thick aluminum circles 1050 also has the following advantages. First, they are prices in material. Impurity control has always been a harsh rule in Haomei production house, since we are too clear about the possible results of poor material to make such a foolish mistake. Second, our workshop is equipped with efficient aluminum circle cutting machines. This not only improves our productivity but also saves a few steps which lead to human interference in the circle surface quality. Third, the diameter scope of aluminium discs produced by Haomei is very large, from 0.5mm to 5mm. In this way, we are able to serve clients from various industries.

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