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Coated Aluminum Slats For Venetian Blinds

October 30, 2023

Coated aluminum slats for venetian blinds are usually made by coating a layer of PVDF fluorocarbon coating or PE polyester coating on the surface of the aluminum alloy substrate. These coatings give the aluminum slats excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance and self-cleaning performance, allowing them to resist erosion from various chemicals and remain unfaded when used outdoors for a long time. In addition, coated aluminum slats also have excellent decorative and processing performance, which can meet various appearance requirements and processing needs. They usually have a beautiful appearance and light weight, making them easy to install and use.

coated aluminum slats for venetian blinds

When choosing coated aluminum slats for venetian blinds, factors such as material, coating, color, and size need to be considered. Typically, the coated aluminum coil for ventian blinds need to have a certain strength and stability to withstand erosion from natural environments such as wind and rain, while also having an aesthetic appearance and easy cleaning characteristics.


The coating of colored coated aluminum ventian blinds has the following requirements:

The appearance should be flat and smooth, without obvious defects such as orange peel, pinholes, shrinkage holes, color difference, etc.

The hardness of the coating should not be lower than H.

The resistance to wet heat of the coating should be at grade one according to the evaluation level in GB1740-79.

The coating should not detach or change when exposed to mortar.

The salt spray resistance of the coating should not have the coating peel off within a 2.0mm scratch line.

The coating should not bubble outside a 3mm distance from the edge of the test board.

The weather resistance of the coating should meet the grading method in GB/T1766-1995, with a single item rating of gloss loss at level 1, color change at level 1, powdering at level 0, or meet the requirements in table 13 of GB/T1766-1995 with an overall rating of “good”.


In conclusion, coated aluminum slats for venetian blinds are one of the ideal materials for blinds, with various advantages and applications, and can be chosen according to actual needs.

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