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Clear anodized aluminum coil stock price

April 7, 2021

The price of a clear anodized aluminum coil stock roll roughly equals to that of an ordinary aluminum roll. The only difference lies in quality requirement, for anodized coil stock must be accurate in composition, smooth on surface and excellent in mechanical properties. Impurities in a stock roll will lead to color difference in the anodizing process, and uneven surface causes irregular thicknesses in differed parts of the anodizing film. Poor mechanical properties prove to be devastating, for it makes a finished anodized aluminum coil beautiful in the appearance yet fragile in further processing, which is a waste of money and energy.

clear anodized aluminum coil stock rolls in Haomei workshop

The reasons above decide that the price for clear anodized aluminum coil stock rolls will be more expensive than most aluminium rolls you get from the market. In other words, the prices for clear anodized stock rolls rank top in the market. However, the specific prices depend on three factors. First, the time you purchase the stock. People outside the aluminium circle might expect the aluminum metal price keeps stable, for the metal is a large-scale industrial product like machines. It is not the case at all. The price of any kind of semi-processed aluminium products is closely related to the instant aluminium ingot price which varies day to day. Thus if you happen to buy the stock on a day when the ingot price falls sharply, you can be saved lots of cost. That’s why experienced purchasers always wait for the right time before placing an order. Second, the specification you need, which entails alloys and sizes. Regular alloys and sizes would be cheaper. And different alloy series have different prices, too. For example, 5005 anodized aluminum coil stock is more expensive than 1060 stock, for the manufacturing cost of the latter is lower. Third, the price varies from supplier to supplier, for each manufacturer has its own equipment, labor cost and resource cost, which finally roll into manufacturing cost, a primary factor of the stock price.

Then what’s the specific price for a roll of clear anodized aluminum coil stock? It depends on the three factors above. Right now the price ranges between $2100 and $2400 per metric ton. Welcome to send details for a price!

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