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Cladding aluminium circle for sale

August 27, 2020

Cladding aluminium circle mainly contain alloys of 1070 and 3003. Owing to high content of aluminum and low weakness, 1070 aluminum circle can be made as small as slugs that serve as raw materials for tube cladding of cosmetic, pharmaceutical and domestic products. 3003 aluminum circle is mainly used in the field of electrolytic capacitors (polymer lithium batteries). The development of aluminum plates for 3003 power battery shells is undergoing a transition from “0 state” to “H14” state. The fundamental reason lies in technological progress. As a traditional hand-punched state, “O state” material has the characteristics of low production efficiency and yield. The “H14” state material is more suitable for automatic and semi-automatic punching, and the production efficiency is higher. Therefore, some large-scale and powerful enterprises are currently using the “H14” type 3003 power battery shell materials as the main material. Cladding aluminium circle discs help to reduce the whole weight of cars and improve corrosion resistance of battery shells.

Cladding aluminium circle

Most cladding aluminum circles are of mill finish surface, but pre-painted aluminum circle pieces are sometimes produced for the purpose of cladding, too. These can be used not only in areas mentioned above, but also in cookware, construction and furniture. Color-coated aluminum wafers are made of high-quality raw materials, combined with advanced production technology, and strict quality control is implemented. A series of rigorous processes ensure that the finished aluminum wafer will not bend, deform or expand during use. At the same time, the special coating treatment not only increases the decoration of the product, but also effectively extends the service life of the product.

Haomei supplies 180mm, 200mm, 300mm and 400mm aluminum circle discs for cladding of 08mm, 10mm, 03mm and 05mm thick. Welcome to contact us for a price!

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