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Bread mold aluminium circle

Aluminum Circle ,

Alloy:1050、1060、1070、1145、1200、1235、3003、3004、3005、3102、3103、3104、3105、5052、5657、5754、6061、6063、8006、8011、high pure aluminum wafers

Temper: O、H12、H14、H16、18、H22、H24、H26、H28、H32、H34、H36、H38 etc.

Thickness: 0.3-4.0MM (customization acceptable)

Diameter: 125-990MM(customization acceptable)

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Bread mold aluminium circle covers 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx and 8xxx series of aluminium alloys. China aluminum circle manufacturers supply dozens of grades for baking aluminium circle discs, among which 5000 series are the best, for they boast the best anodizing effect. Anodizing is a necessary part for cooking mold aluminum circles, and it keeps the surface of the circle stable in chemical property, avoiding possible outlet of aluminium icons which might do harm to people’s health. To cater for market demands, there are aluminum circles named by sizes, alloys and process methods, such as 400mm aluminum circle, 3xxx aluminum circle, anticorrosion aluminum circle etc.

bread mold aluminium circle 1

Alloy 1050、1060、1070、1145、1200、1235、3003、3004、3005、3102、3103、3104、3105、5052、5657、5754、6061、6063、8006、8011、high pure aluminum wafers
Temper O、H12、H14、H16、18、H22、H24、H26、H28、H32、H34、H36、H38 etc.
Thickness 0.3-4.0MM (customization acceptable)
Diameter 125-990MM(customization acceptable)
Surface treatment Mill finish, anodized, coated


1. Bread mould, cake mould, baking tools, baking trays, cake molds, toast molds

2. Liner of small appliances (rice cooker, electric stew pot, electric pot, bread machine, soy milk machine, juicer, air fryer, coffee pot, hot water bottle);

bread mold aluminium circle

3. Cookware liner (non-stick pan, frying pan, steamer, milk pan, pressure cooker, enamel pan);

4. All kinds of aluminum containers, aluminum pans, aluminum pans, aluminum lids, aluminum boxes, tea boxes, aluminum barrels, aluminum cans, medicine cans;

5. Anodized kitchenware, anodized cookware, anodized tableware;

6. Hard anodized kitchen utensils, hard anodized cookware, hard anodized tableware;

7. Field kitchenware, field cookware, field tableware, field coat pot, outdoor cookware

8. Lampshades, lighting, energy-saving lamps, downlights, shelf lights, street lights;

9. Hardware parts, metal stamping parts, metal tensile parts, various molds, textile shuttles, etc.

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