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Application of textured aluminum sheet in construction panels

March 1, 2021

Owing to good insulation and weather resisting performances, Haomei textured aluminum sheet metal can be made into construction panels of various forms. Construction panels are different from semi-processed aluminium plates, they appear in forms of aluminum composite panel, honeycomb panel, sandwich panels or simply a single layer of finished sheet. They can even be anodized and colored as needed.

textured aluminum sheet metal

The single-layer textured aluminum plate adopts aluminum alloy plates of 2.5mm or 3.0mm thick. The surface of the plate is coated with a film layer characterized by high toughness, stability, adhesion and durability. Single-layer sheets are another increasingly popular aluminum panels used in construction following aluminum composite panels. An aluminum composite panel is composed of two pieces of textured aluminium of 0.5mm thick and a sandwiched polyethylene or rigid polyvinyl chloride foam board between the inner and outer layers. The surface of the board is coated with fluorocarbon resin coating to form a kind of tough stable film layer. The honeycomb aluminum plate is a composite material formed by bonding two aluminum plates with a honeycomb core material between them. According to the overall thickness of a honeycomb aluminum panel, the thickness of the textured aluminum sheet also changes. If the thickness of the honeycomb aluminum plate is 10mm, the front aluminum plate should be 1mm, and the back surface 0.5-0.8mm thick; If the thickness of the honeycomb aluminum plate is more than 10mm, the thickness of the aluminum alloy plate on the front and back should be 1mm. Sandwich insulation aluminum panels are similar in form to aluminum honeycomb panels and aluminum composite panels, but the price is relatively high, so there are no other types of architectural aluminum panels that are popular.

Before being made into construction panels, textured aluminum sheets can be processed by anodizing, coating and other methods, in order to obtain desired colors and surface structures. In general, decorative textured aluminium plates are featured by outstanding anode treatment performance and coating performance.

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