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Aluminum strip 1mm thickness for transformers

March 17, 2021

Aluminum strip 1mm thickness for transformers have alloys 1070, 1070A, 1060, 1050, 1050A and 1350, among which 1050 and 1060 are the most frequently applied. The temper is typical O, and the compositions are in accord with GB/T3190 Chemical Compositions of Wrought Aluminum And Aluminium Alloy.

To improve its product quality of transformer strips, Haomei Aluminum follows even stricter size deviation standards than items in EN485.4-1993. The thickness deviation for transformer 1mm aluminium strip is 0.04mm for all width scopes. The side curvature is less than 1/2000mm. That for strips of high precision must be less than 8mm.

packaged aluminum strip 1mm thickness

Mechanical properties of our 1mm transformer aluminum strips are outstanding, too. The mechanical properties of each alloy are as follows: astmb209m_ 200 “aluminum and aluminum alloy plates, belt materials”, EC en485-1993 “aluminum and aluminum alloy: sheet, thick plate and strip”, jis4000190 “aluminum and aluminum alloy and strip” and national standard gbi3880-2006. The elongation after break is higher than that of foreign standard 2.5 test method. The chemical composition arbitration, mechanical property test and sampling method of Haomei alu strips adopt the newly implemented national standards.

At the same time, Haomei is striving to provide products of ever-improved quality. We attach great importance to suggestions from clients, and take the following as our goal: employing raw materials in a correct way, adjusting production methods reasonably, classifying the aluminum strips in greater detail and help clients save energy and cost.

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