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Aluminum Round Sheet Surface Treatment Methods (Two)

October 8, 2018

As discussed in a previous article, surface treatment methods for aluminum round sheets mainly include anodizing, electroplating, infiltration, surface spraying, blast working and vacuum spraying. We have elaborated the former three in the previous article, and here we will discuss about the latter three.

aluminum round sheet

Surface spraying of aluminum round sheets refers to painting a layer of coatings on the circle sheet’s surface with a purpose of enhancing corrosion resistance. If the sheets will be processed into end products requiring stronger corrosion resistance, they should be anodized or oxidized chemically, which not only strengthens the sheets’ anti-rust ability but also improves the fastness of the paintings. These sheets will be further coated with an extra layer of painting. The first layer is called base painting and the second facial painting. Blast working is to put aluminum circle sheets in the drum of a high pressure blasting machine which sprays streams of pellets onto the circle sheet surface to get it strengthened. Vacuum spraying is a little more complicated to be explained. The to be treated sheets are placed in the vacuum cabinet of a coating machine. The sheets serve as the positive pole and the coating material the negative pole. Then the vacuum cabinet is closed and vacuumed to a certain degree. After that, a plasma gun shots coating materials in form of ions onto the sheets and the ions get fast in the circle sheets’ surface, becoming a bright coating layer between 2um and 10um thick.

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