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Aluminum plate 2024 in mexico

April 17, 2020

Aluminum plate 2024 in mexico is a high strength heat-treatable alloy, featured by good mechanical properties, peeling corrosion resistance and wear resistance. The plate must go through strict process for heat treatment. Heat treated 2024 plates are applied to structural parts of buildings and transportation vehicles working under 150 degree centigrade, such as aircraft frames, wing beams, wing ribs, skin rivets and so on.

aluminum plate 2024 in mexico

Popular tempers for 2024 aluminium plate include T3 and T351. Aluminum sheet 2024 t3 is made by quenching and natural aging, suitable for applications with no precise requirement for dimensional stability and elastic allowance. 2024 T351 alloy, a typical duralumin alloy in the aluminum copper magnesium system with high strength and good comprehensive performance, is made by stretching the plate with a certain amount of tension to eliminate internal stress. As a result, it has a better flatness. T351 should be selected for precision work-pieces to avoid elastic recovery and dimensional instability after machining.

Haomei follows an accurate quality control system in the production of aluminum plate 2024 in mexico. Raw materials are selected in strict accordance with international standards. A fully automatic cutting machine guarantees straight cutting surface, smooth cut, zero scratches and zero burrs on the plates which can be cut into any sizes accurately as required.

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