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Aluminum Coil For Downspouts

March 3, 2023

Aluminum coil for downspouts are uniform in color, clean and bright, strong adhesion, strong and durable, strong acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance. The downspouts collects the rainwater from the roof and leads it to the rainwater pipe laid below the ground. Chromizing, drying, roller coating, drying, inspection, winding, packaging are the processing of coated aluminum coil for downspouts. There are single-baked and single-coated, and also drying and double coating. The surface of the aluminum coil is specially cleaned, and then electrostatically sprayed with a colored outdoor polyester coating. The thickness of the coating is not less than 20um d. The weather resistance of the coating is not less than 7 years. The aluminum gutter coil for downspouts has both drainage function and It has a decorative effect and enriches the overall effect of the building.

aluminum coil for downspouts

Color coated aluminum coil for downspouts is an environmentally friendly and durable decorative material. It uses high-strength aluminum alloy as the base material, and uses special technology and equipment to color the aluminum alloy surface to obtain an aesthetic appearance. The substrates of color coated aluminum coils are mainly 1xxx, 3xxx, and 5xxx series aluminum alloy coils. 3105 aluminum coils are one of the commonly used materials. And aluminum coil for downspouts using 1060H24 and 3003H24 aluminum alloy. Both sides of the aluminum gutter coil are coated with polyester (PET) paint, the thickness of the front film is 25-28 um, and the film thickness of the back is 15-18 um. The color is durable. Good mechanical properties ensure that color coated aluminum coils for gutter are easy to bend, weld, and rail-pressed during processing, making them ideal raw materials for manufacturers of exterior aluminum alloy gutters (sinks) and downspouts.


Features of color aluminum coil for downspouts in use:

1, Fine workmanship, easy and fast installation;

2, Durable, not easy to oxidize and not rust, has extremely high corrosion resistance, and the color is pure and does not fade;

3, Double multi-point fixation, rivet + sealant double fixation, safe and secure;

4, The material is hard and safe, and the overall structural limit load is 260KG/m;

5, Manganese aluminum alloy can be recycled

6, There are various styles, which can meet the needs of the public, and support any color and size customization.

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