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1100 aluminum circle for kettle

November 12, 2019

1100 is the most suitable alloy for an aluminum circle for kettle. Other alloys of 1000 series of aluminum circles include 1050, 1060 and 1070, but none of these can compete with 1100 in hardness. 1100 aluminum circle contains an aluminium content of 99%. It has a strong corrosion resistance, a light weight, a fast heat conductivity and a low price, proving to be an excellent material for kettles. Aluminium is endowed with a natural self-protective ability by which it reacts to oxygen quickly and has a layer of aluminium oxide generated on the surface. This oxide serves as a protective layer against corrosive materials. With a density only one third of copper and steel, As other semi-processed aluminum products, it adapts to various processing methods like deep drawing, spinning, cutting etc. Boasting the simplest and maturest process technology, the 1100 aluminum circle for kettle can be produced at a lower cost than circles of other series.

aluminum circle for kettle

Why is 1100, other than 3003, 5052, 5083 or even 8000 series of aluminum circles used for kettles? As a matter of fact, these circles are applied in cookware making extensively, but they are more frequently made into higher-end products such as non-stick pressure cookers, color coated cookers and so on. The surface treatment methods for them as different, too, including anodizing, lining krypton spraying etc. With 8000 series of circles anodized cookers of the pear color can be obtained. More advanced process methods mean higher prices. Although these alloys of aluminum circle for kettle have much better performances, 1100 aluminum circle is qualified enough to meet using requirements of an aluminium kettle, thus there’s no need to adopt other alloys in making kettles.

Haomei supplies 1100 aluminum circle for kettle of a competitive price. Welcome to contact us for more information!

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