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Aluminium Tread Plate

February 6, 2018

Generally speaking, there are two methods to classify aluminium tread plate. The first method is by alloy labels. In this way it can be divided into 1xxx (1060), 3xxx (3003) and 5xxx (5052, 5083). The other standard of classification falls on different designs on the surface. Although experienced workers can name at least ten types of designs without thinking, only five types are widely used.

The most popular type of aluminium tread plate is normally referred to as five-rib plate. As its name hints, this kind of plate is featured by design of five ribs on the surface. The shape of each rib is similar to that of willow leaves. Five ribs parallel with each other. Each group of five ribs forms an angle between 60 to 80 degrees together with any of its surrounding groups, which endows the plate with excellent anti-slip performance. In addition, it’s of lower price in comparison with plates of other designs. Therefore, it wins tremendous popularity as skid-resistant materials for buildings and platforms. Another type of anti-slip aluminium tread plate proves to be tear plate, which mainly serves as anti-slip floors for trucks, platforms, floors, elevators etc.

aluminium tread plate

aluminium tread plate

Orange peel aluminium tread plate has designs like orange peels on the surface. There are classic orange peel design and changed orange peel design. This type of aluminium plate shows less satisfying anti-slip performance than five-rib and tear plates, but is more popular as covering materials for fridges, air-conditioners as well as packaging materials for necessary goods. aluminium tread plate with semi-sphere shaped designs is also called pearl-shaped aluminium plate. It’s design is so beautiful that people usually apply it for packaging. Owing to special shape and arrangement of designs it’s of much stronger hardness than other types of aluminium tread plate. Diamond aluminium plate, with designs of diamond, is another type widely used for packaging.

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