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Aluminium texture cladding sheet prices

March 5, 2021

At present the aluminium texture cladding sheet prices are around $2200/MT. There are two types of textured aluminium cladding sheets: 1060 and 3003, and their prices differ from each other.

aluminium texture cladding sheet

The sheets are mostly applied in pipe cladding of power plants and chemical plants, functioning to resist erosion and thermal insulation. In China aluminium sheets have taken the place of iron sheets in pipeline insulation and cladding, for they are stabler in chemical and physical structures, stronger in corrosion resistance, more environmental friendly, more flexible in application and higher in recycling rate. The sheets are usually so thin (mostly 0.2-0.5mm thick) that they are often made into rolls for easy delivery. In particular the 0.2mm textured aluminum sheet proves to be the best seller for pipeline cladding. There are pure cladding aluminum and anti-rust cladding aluminum series. The representative for the former is 1060 and the latter is represented by 3003 and 5052. If you need cost efficient products, 3003 textured aluminium sheet of 0.75mm thick is a good choice. It’s made of top quality aluminum ingot by strict and mature manufacturing process. We guarantee 20 years service life in natural conditions.

Generally 3003 is $50 dollars more expensive than 1060 cladding sheets. The aluminium texture cladding sheet prices also vary in packaging method and delivery way. You can choose the sheets to be packaged in either big or small rolls. Small rolls will wind around a paper core to avoid possible deformation in shipment. An overall roll will be wrapped by a plastic sheet fixed by sticky tape. Then a layer of craft paper is used before the roll is fully packaged. The textured aluminium rolls will stand on pallets, and the sheets will rest in wood cases. In both cases steel ropes are applied to fasten the packages.

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