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Aluminium slug manufacturer from China

May 21, 2021

As a China aluminium slug manufacturer, Haomei produces alu slugs in the following way. After the aluminum ingot is melted, it is atomized into a certain particle size under the action of high-pressure gas, commonly known as spray aluminum. According to the difference between atomization method and atomizer, there are two types: horizontal aluminum spray and vertical aluminum spray. Haomei adopts the horizontal spray aluminum process.

aluminium slugs

An aluminium slug is also known as aluminum shot and aluminum sand, it is a silver-white light metal, mainly made of 1070 aluminum. It is a kind of elemental aluminum with an aluminum content of 99%, which has very good anti-corrosion performance and tensile strength. Aluminum wire can be made from aluminum pellets, and steel core aluminum can be made by adding iron elements. In industrial production, aluminum slugs are mainly used to finish processing various aluminum castings and zinc castings. The function is to polish the surface of the castings, remove burrs, and make the surface of the castings brighter and more beautiful. This kind of aluminum slugs can be used repeatedly. In the current industrial development, according to different production requirements, aluminum particles are divided into deoxidized aluminum particles and small aluminum particles. In addition to the cylindrical shape, other shapes supplied by Haomei aluminium slug manufacturer include oblate, elliptical, and so on. This aluminum granule is the raw material for various aluminum hose containers, such as toothpaste tubes and ointment tubes.

As a leading aluminium slug manufacturer in China, Haomei supplies alu slugs of 1070-O, diameter 5mm to 110mm, thickness 1.4mm to 25mm, and hardness 17HB to 21HB, applied to various industries. Our clients come from fields such as toothpaste tubes, glue tubes, cosmetic tubes, marker tubes, capacitor tubes, aerosol cans, cigar tubes, paint tubes and so on. We have the latest aluminium slug production lines to cater for varied requirements in specification.

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