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Aluminium Slug for Tubes Used for Phone Battery Covers

May 25, 2018

Aluminium slug for tubes covers a wide range of application, including tubes for cosmetics and medical liquid, beverage cans, capacitor covers and containers for other household articles. All the applications connect closely to our daily life. Take capacitor covers for example. The cover that we contact most frequently proves to be power battery cover of our cell phone.

aluminium slug for tubes

Aluminium slug for tubes are applied as covers of power batteries because of its excellent corrosion resistance, perfect ductility, extraordinary tensile strength, light weight and good anodizing property. The aluminum alloys used for battery housings are usually 5000 series, also referred to as the anti-corrosion alloy groups. They contain a small percentage of magnesium which is well-known for anti-rust property. The element of aluminum has extraordinary performance against corrosion as well, because it reacts with oxygen quickly once exposed to the air. During the reaction process a new material called aluminum oxide is produced. Aluminum oxide is such a stable material that it rarely has reaction with other materials. As a result, it functions as a natural protector for a whole piece of aluminum slug against corrosive elements. The ductility of aluminium slug for tubes is renowned. That’s the just reason for its being used for tubes and covers, the production of which entail pressing little slugs into thin pieces. Aluminum slugs are also endowed with extraordinary tensile strength, which enables battery covers withstand shocks from sudden falls. As for light weight, it’s a common advantage of all aluminum alloys, but aluminum slug for tubes of 5000 series boast lighter weight, for magnesium mixed inside the alloys is even lighter than aluminum. Good anodizing property contributes a lot to application of aluminum slugs. This property makes it convenient for manufacturers to coat products with ideal colors and designs that last years without decay.

Haomei Aluminum supplies aluminium slugs for tubes, aluminum sheet, aluminum coil, aluminum strip and aluminum foil of all common specifications. Customization is acceptable. Welcome to contact us at april@aluminumhm.com for more information!

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