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Aluminium Sheet Suppliers

March 27, 2023

Aluminium sheet suppliers in China are dedicated in manufacturing hot rolled and cold rolled aluminum sheet for customers worldwide. Hot rolled aluminum sheet won high reputation from users and have been welcomed on the market. Hot roll aluminum sheet generally refers to the rolling of aluminum sheet metal above the crystallization temperature. Compared with ordinary cast and rolled aluminum sheet products, hot rolled aluminum sheet has good surface quality, as well as strong mechanical properties and ductility and good oxidation effect.

aluminium sheet suppliers

Aluminum sheet suppliers say the characteristics of hot-rolled aluminum sheet:

1, Hot rolling can significantly reduce energy consumption, good plasticity processing, low deformation resistance, processing hardening is not obvious, easy to roll, reducing the energy required to deform the metal.

2, Hot rolling usually uses large ingots, large press down volume rolling, fast production pace, large output, so as to create the conditions for large-scale aluminum sheet production.

3, Hot rolling can effectively improve the processing properties of metals and alloys, that is, the casting state of coarse grains broken, microscopic crack healing, reduce or eliminate casting defects, the cast state organization into deformation organization, improve the processing properties of metals.

4, Through the hot rolling of the cast state organization into the processing organization, through the transformation of the organization of the material plasticity increased significantly.

5, The characteristics of the rolling method determines the anisotropy of the rolled aluminum sheet properties, one is the longitudinal, transverse and high direction of the material has obvious differences in performance, the second is the existence of deformation weave and recrystallization weave, there is an obvious direction in the punching performance.

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