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Aluminium Circle and Aluminum Circle Truss

November 6, 2018

Both aluminium circle and aluminum circle truss are frequently searched phrases online, which indicates the popularity of relative products in a way. However, the two are completely different products actually. An aluminium circle is also referred to as aluminum discs, aluminum circle sheet or aluminum round sheet. In other words, it usually refers to a flat piece of aluminum sheet in round shape. The word “sheet” is used to distinguish it from the other kind of product: aluminum ring that can also be called aluminum circle. An aluminum circle truss, however, is of much more complicated structure physically. It is a circle-shaped frame consisting of aluminum bars of various shapes.

aluminum circle sheet and aluminium circle truss

The application of the two differs a lot as well. Aluminum circles are excellent raw materials for cookware and lighting parts. Most kitchen wares , including pots, cookers, strainers, water spoons, ladles, vegetable washing basins, can be made of aluminum discs. For lamps, aluminum round sheets generally serve as covers. Aluminium 3003 circle, aluminium circle 1060 and 1070 are all popular materials. Their advantages lie in light weight, stable chemical property of the protective film, high heat conductivity and good weather resistance.

 Aluminum circle truss has a relatively monotonous usage scope. It normally serves as the frame for various stages in concerts and celebration activities. It’s usually made of 6061-t6 aluminum bars which will be further cut, processed, welded, polished and painted. The parts match each other in a flexible way so that trusses of different sizes can be made in accordance with specific requirements. As stage supports aluminum circle trusses are light in weight, long in service life and strong in pressure resistance. They weigh only half of iron trusses of the same size, helping save cost and trouble in both delivery and installation. 6061-t6 aluminum alloys has excellent corrosion resistance. Such a truss lasts over a decade easily. It can support at least 600kg load, meeting needs in large concerts.

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