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Aluminium checker plate weight chart

March 11, 2020

Aluminium checker plate weight can be calculated as below:

aluminium chequered plate weight per square meter=2.96*plate thickness

The theoretical weight of one piece of five ribbed aluminum plate = 2.71 (aluminum density) × aluminum plate thickness * length * width. The height of the five bars is 0.5-1.3mm. The five ribbed aluminum plates are divided into big five and small five. The difference between them is that the pattern of small five ribbed aluminum plates is 1-2mm smaller than that of big five ribbed aluminum plates. When calculating the thickness of checkered aluminum plate, it should be noted to add 0.25 mm reinforcement height to the base plate.

aluminum checker plate

Lentil aluminium chequered plate weight chart:


2.5 21.6 22.6

3.0 25.6 26.6

3.5 29.5 30.5

4.0 33.4 34.4

4.5 37.3 38.3

5.0 42.3 42.3

5.5 46.2 46.2

6.0 50.1 50.1

7.0 59.0 58.0

8.0 66.8 65.8

Diamond aluminum chequered plate weight

The density is based on the material, such as 30035052 and so on, which can be made into diamond pattern aluminum plate.

The theoretical calculation formula is: (density * base plate thickness + 0.61) * length * width

As a matter of fact, the aluminum checker plate weight varies from specification to specification. If you want a specific weight per square meter, welcome to contact your supplier.

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