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Aluminium checker plate prices australia brisbane ireland nz

June 10, 2020

Many people are searching for aluminium checker plate prices in australia, brisbane, ireland, melbourne and nz. They are recommended to take into account of specification they need, product sources and the quantity.

Aluminium checker plate prices australia brisbane ireland nz

Specifications of aluminium checker plates include alloy / grade of the aluminium plate, thickness, pattern, pattern size, width, length and surface treatment requirements for the plates. Available alloys are 1060, 1070 ,1100, 3003, 3004, 5005, 5052, 5083 and 6061, which can be of varied tempers (anneal conditions) corresponding to different mechanical properties. For example, if you need the checker plate to be hard and corrosion resistant, you are advised to choose 5xxx and 6xxx series of T*** and H*8 tempers. It you need the plate to carry weight in application, 6061 would be the best choice. Thickness of aluminium chequered plates is usually between 0.5mm and 6mm, including the height of the pattern, the common types of which cover five bar, one bar, ripple, diamond, hammer etc. Which pattern you should choose depends on the application of the plates. Although a checkered plate has already been embossed with patterns, it can be polished, anodized and even color painted before pattern rolling process. The simplest way to obtain a price is to tell your supplier the application, rather than listing specifications as mentioned above, unless you are an expert, or else it’s really bewildering to learn alloys, tempers and surface treatment methods of aluminium chequer plates. In addition, it’s also worthwhile to search words with one or two specifications, like 3 mm aluminium checker plate price, which contains thickness of the plate.

Product sources refer to places where the alu checker plates have been produced. Generally, imported plates are more expensive than those from local factories. If the import tax is high, the price would be more expensive. Therefore, local alu cheaquered plates are recommended unless they can not meet your requirement in performances.

Quantity influences price, too. If you need to import, usually the MOQ of Haomei is 2 to 3 tons, the price of which ranges from $2300 to $2700 for mill finish checker plates. The bigger your order, the lower the price. If you need less than MOQ, the price would be a little more expensive.

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