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8011H16 Aluminum Coil Sheet for Ropp Caps

July 10, 2018

Our 8011H16 aluminum coil sheet for ropp caps has been one of the most eye-catching products in bottle cap material market at home and abroad. As a common aluminum alloy material for life-use beverage products, it is mainly used in bottle capping of liquor, juice, oral liquid, tea, milk powder etc. Such a wide scope of application is based on its extraordinary anti-corrosion and environmental friendliness properties. It has no pollution and can be recycled more conveniently than other metals.

8011H16 aluminum coil sheet for ropp caps

8011H16 aluminum coil sheet for ropp caps has similar production process to that of 8011H14 aluminum coil sheet for ropp caps. Both have to undergo cold rolling, rolling into foil of a given thickness, repeated annealing until foil with desired properties is obtained, bending and slitting etc. The finished aluminum rolls will further be subject to multiple processes such as slitting, painting, drying, multiple stamping and anti-counterfeiting marking before finally becoming qualified aluminum coil sheet for ropp caps. Annealing for liquor-cover aluminum sheets slightly differs from that of pharmaceutical sheets, for the former requires more about deep drawing property. 8011H16 aluminum coil sheet for ropp caps serves as an important member in the hot-rolled aluminum bottle capping material family. It is manufactured in accordance with the standard of GB/T3880, usually from 0.15 to 0.27mm thick (with a thickness tolerance of 0.005mm) and between 330 and 1000mm wide(with a wide tolerance of 1mm). The tensile strength reaches as high as 165Mpa and elongation over 2 percent. With an ear rate less than 3%, the coil sheet is clear of obvious roll patterns, black lines, oil spots, scratches, bright strips or other common defects.

As a main manufacturer and supplier of aluminum coil sheet for ropp caps, Haomei has maintained a long-term cooperative relationship with many domestic private wine cover enterprises, and is striving to expand business relationship with oversea clients. We have been spending lots of energy and money on relative equipment. Welcome to contact us at april@aluminnumhm.com for more information!

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