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8011 industrial aluminum foil roll price

July 29, 2021

The 8011 industrial aluminum foil roll price is between $2700 to $3500 per metric ton, based on the application and specifications you need. 8011 is the most popular and a traditional alloy for aluminium foil rolls. Its main application fields cover bottle gaskets, bottle caps, air conditioners, hair beauty, household use, food packaging, lithium battery, flexible packaging, pharmaceutical packaging etc. Whatever application a roll of 8011 industrial aluminum foil is of, its specifications are relatively stable, which further decides the price of the foil. Details are as below.

8011 industrial aluminum foil rolls

The mill finish aluminum foil of 8011 alloy is cheaper than coated or laminated ones, for its production entails no extra processing steps like coating and filming. In the group of mill finished rolls, thinner aluminum foil 8011 costs more than thicker ones, as the raw material has to go through the rolling machines for more times to get thinner. Pinhole rate is another factor that influences the 8011 industrial aluminum foil roll price. The lower the rate, the higher the price. This is especially important in flexible packaging aluminum foil, the pinhole rate of which must follow strict standards. Therefore, such kind of foil costs more than regular rolls. In addition, air conditioning foil rolls need to be coated with black, blue or green color that functions as a hydrophilic layer, thus their prices are higher, too.

If you need a specific 8011 industrial aluminum foil roll price, just contact your supplier. They will give you a reasonable price based on the specifications you need. If you are not sure about specifications, they will recommend for you.

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