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6061 aluminium alloy vs 7005 aluminium alloy

April 24, 2020

7005 aluminium alloy, an Al-Zn-Mg-Cu series super hard aluminum, has a general hardness around hrb150. The main alloy of 7000 series is zinc, with the composition ratio of 6%. 6061 alloy, on the other hand, belongs to the Al-Cu-Mg-Mn series. It’s a kind of forged aluminum with the hardness of hrb100.6000 series is mainly composed of magnesium and silicon, with a low proportion of total components.

Generally speaking, 6061 aluminium alloy is more frequently applied. It is light, strong, easy to use for extrusion and stamping, and economical. The 7005 aluminum alloy is aviation aluminum, which has higher strength, lighter weight, better performances and higher prices than 6061 aluminum. 7005 and 6061 are commonly used materials for aluminum alloy frames. In terms of intensity, 7005 is stronger, but only slightly stronger. Both must be heat treated with T6 for frame materials.

6061 aluminium alloy vs 7005 aluminium alloy

But on the whole, 6061 aluminium plate is a better material. Due to the high proportion of 7005 containing other metals, it is difficult to be welded and handled. In contrast, 6061 has a low proportion of other metals, so its strength and wind resistance can be improved through various treatments, and its weight reduction can even be realized by pumping three times.

How to distinguish 7005 aluminium sheet from 6061 aluminium sheet

1. Expensive yet low error rate: to analyze their composition in the lab.

2. Use a sclerometer. The Brinell hardness of 6061 is around 80, yet 7005 140 and above. If you are strong enough, you can simply smash two plates into each other, and the one with a deeper dent is 6061 whose hardness is smaller.

3. Experienced people are able to tell the two from each other by color checking with naked eye. The color of 7005 aluminium alloy is darker and 6061 lighter.

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