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5052 h19 color coated aluminium coil for Venetian blinds

July 5, 2021

The 5052 color coated aluminium coil for Venetian blinds is of H19 temper, 0.16mm to 1.5mm thick, 12.5mm to 200mm wide and high gloss coating of PE or Acrylic acid for indoor applications and PE 2 coats for both sides for outdoor applications. The coil is very hard in H19 state, though its tensile strength is lower than that of 3004 and 3005. The 5052 blind aluminum coil is featured by light weight, good hardness, strong weather resistance and durable coating.

5052 h19 color coated aluminium coil

5052 aluminum is among the most popular industrial alloys of the 5000 series, and 5052 aluminum coil is the only most popular semi-processed aluminum product of roll type. As a result of the great demand in the market, the production scale of the coil has been gradually enlarged. The price of the coil becomes more and more approachable. The production of color coated 5052 aluminium coil entails the employment of mill finish 5052 coil as a raw material, and the price for the coated coil has descended, too.

As other alloys of 5000 series, 5052 color coated aluminium coil contains the even lighter element of magnesium, which makes it lighter than pure aluminium coils. As a construction and decoration material, an aluminum coil for Venetian blind must be light enough for convenient installation and effective weight reduction. 5052 coated aluminum coil just meets such a requirement. The hardness of the alloy coil is excellent, too. Although 5052 cannot compete with aircraft aluminum alloys like 2024, 6061 and 7075 for strength, it’s hard enough as a tanker material. And while being used in tanks, its temper is usually H111, much weaker than H19. Therefore, the hardness of 5052 color coated blind aluminium coil is strong enough. The weather resistance of 5000 series of alloys are universally acknowledged outstanding, not to mention the extra coating the coil has. The coating of the coil can be made of varied paints, and the most durable lasts 30 years and more.

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