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3105 Painted Aluminum Coil For Pilproof Caps

September 13, 2022

Although the function of anti-counterfeiting bottle caps is constantly changing, there are two main types of materials used, namely aluminum and plastic. Most of the packaging of liquor, wine, medicinal wine, etc. in my country is still dominated by glass bottles, and about 50% of the wine bottle caps are made of 3105 painted aluminum coil for pilproof caps. The aluminum bottle cap has the function of keeping the contents of the product tightly closed, and also has the functions of anti-theft opening and safety, so it is widely used.


Aluminum beverage bottle caps are exquisitely processed from high-quality 3105 painted aluminum coil for pilproof caps materials. They are mainly used for the packaging of wine and beverage products (with steam and without steam), and can meet special requirements such as high-temperature cooking and sterilization. About 50% of beverage bottle caps in my country currently use aluminum caps. Compared with plastic bottle caps, aluminum bottle caps not only have better performance, but also have low cost, no pollution, and can be recycled.

3105 painted aluminum coil for pilproof caps

Haomei Aluminum is a raw material manufacturer of painted aluminum coil for pilproof caps. The 8011 aluminum coil and 3105 aluminum coil produced by the company are the source of raw materials for various aluminum beverage bottle cap factories at home and abroad. Haomei Aluminum’s aluminum coil for pilproof caps has a flat surface, no rolling marks, scratches and stains, and has excellent performance.


The 3105 painted aluminum coil for pilproof caps produced by Haomei Aluminum has multiple advantages such as food grade, clean degreasing, less pinholes and good product shape. And Haomei Aluminum is a listed aluminum sheet coil for pilproof caps manufacturer in China. It can undertake 3-2,000 tons of aluminum raw material orders for pp caps. The product quality is stable, exported to the world, and the price is affordable. You can purchase with confidence!

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