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3105 h16 aluminum coil V coated aluminium sheet 8011 for aluminium cap

May 18, 2020

Both 3105 h16 aluminum coil and 8011 aluminum coil serve as regular materials for aluminium closure caps. Aluminum anti-theft caps are made of high-quality aluminum alloy materials and processed on highly automated production lines. They are widely used in the packaging and sealing of various beverages, wines, medical and health care products, cosmetics, snacks and other products. Meeting the special requirements of high-temperature cooking and sterilization, aluminium pilproof caps are well received by the market. However, only really powerful aluminium manufacturers are able to supply raw materials, for the performance parameters of raw materials, including strength, elongation and dimensional deviation are very strict. The aluminium coil sheets must be easy to print after being formed, and there should be no cracks or creases after processing.

3105 h16 aluminum coil V coated aluminium sheet 8011 for aluminium cap

The main thickness of 3105 bottle cap material is 0.15-0.3mm, and the states are O state, H12, H14, H16 and so on. 3105 aluminum plate roll has good electrical conductivity, due to the addition of 0.3% copper element, so the conductivity can reach 41%; 3105 aluminum alloy also has good anti-rust performance, used in various bottle caps, and can achieve the effect of long-term appearance of bottle cans. Our coated aluminium sheet 8011 for aluminium cap is of good processing performance, novel product shape and long service life. We strictly control the processing quality, texture, grain and composition of our 8011 ropp cap material, so that its performance reaches the international advanced level.8011 is perfect as a enclosure material, with a 125-165 tensile strength, 110 yielding strength and 2-5 elongation.

Most aluminum bottle caps are processed on a production line with a relatively high degree of automation, so the strength, elongation and dimensional deviation of 3105 h16 and 8011 aluminium materials are very strict, otherwise cracks or creases might occur during deep drawing processing. The materials must be be flat, without rolling marks, scratches and stains, so that bottle caps will be easy to print after molding. The thickness of aluminium sheet rolls used is generally 0.20 ~ 43.3mm, the tolerance ± 0.1%, and the width 449-796mm. Although both hot rolled and cold rolled aluminium coil rolls are suitable as anti-theft cap materials, aluminium coil suppliers find that clients prefer the former that shows better performances.

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