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3003 H14 Aluminum Coil with PKMB

May 17, 2024

3003 h14 aluminum coil with PKMB use of an aluminum coil (made of 3003 H14 aluminum alloy) in combination with kraft paper to provide insulation performance. 3003 H14 aluminum coil is an aluminum alloy coil commonly used in a variety of applications including construction, packaging, electronics, etc. H14 denotes the temper of being cold work hardened and has a certain degree of hardness and strength.

3003 h14 aluminum coil with PKMB

3003 h14 aluminum coil with PKMB is usually used in the production of thermal insulation materials, mainly because the kraft paper aluminum coil has the following characteristics:

  1. Good thermal insulation performance:

Kraft paper is a material with good thermal insulation performance, covering the surface of the aluminum coil can enhance the thermal insulation effect of the aluminum coil, reduce heat conduction.

  1. Strong moisture resistance:

Kraft paper has certain moisture resistance properties and can be used as a barrier layer to prevent moisture from penetrating into the insulation material. In addition, kraft paper can also be used as a protective layer to prevent the aluminum coil for heat insulation from being scratched or damaged, prolonging its service life.

  1. Lightweight and high strength:

3003 H14 aluminum alloy has excellent mechanical properties, while its low density is conducive to reducing the weight of the overall structure. In the thermal insulation system, this means that less material can be used to achieve the same thermal insulation effect, thus reducing transportation and installation costs.

  1. Good processing performance:

3003 H14 aluminum alloy has good plasticity and processing performance, easy to carry out a variety of forming operations, such as shear, bending, etc.. This makes the aluminum coil can be customized according to the need to adapt to different insulation needs.

  1. High temperature corrosion resistance:

3003 aluminum alloy in corrosive media corrosion resistance is better, can effectively resist the risk of corrosion in daily use. This is very important for the insulation system, because corrosion may lead to failure or performance degradation of the insulation material.

  1. Aesthetics:

The appearance of aluminum coils laminated with kraft paper is simple and generous, suitable for use in construction, decoration and other occasions.


In thermal insulation applications, the combination of 3003 h14 aluminum coil with PKMB can be used in a variety of scenarios, such as pipe insulation, equipment insulation, building exterior wall insulation, etc.. By combining the excellent performance of aluminum coil and the auxiliary function of kraft paper, it can provide an efficient, long-lasting and economical insulation solution.

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