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1100 aluminum sheet for pcb

December 4, 2020

At present, the aluminum plate specifications commonly used are 1100 aluminum sheet for pcb and 5052 aluminum plate. When selecting metal substrates as circuit boards, the main consideration is its heat dissipation performance. 1100 aluminum sheet have higher heat dissipation than iron plates, so the heat dissipation performance is good, insulation and reliability are very stable, so it is well received by users in the market

1100 aluminum sheet for pcb

The specifications of 1100 aluminum sheet for pcb are:

Thickness: 0.1-500mm

Width: 20-2650mm

Material status: H12, H14, H16, H24

Application areas: aluminum-plastic panels, circuit boards, bus doors, cooking utensils, curtain walls, heat exchangers, etc.

Performance characteristics: 1100 aluminum sheet has strong corrosion resistance, good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, excellent heat dissipation performance, low density, good plasticity, easy processing, excellent ductility, and welding.

Generally, there is no clearer price of 1100 aluminum sheet for pcb in the market. Because of its more state and specifications, basically each manufacturer implements the principle of “one price for one type”, and the aluminum sheet for pcb produced by different manufacturers, there are certain differences in the manufacturing process and technical level, so the quotations are definitely different. For specific prices, you can consult professional manufacturers. Professionals can recommend production specifications and preferential quotations based on your actual needs.

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